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Shandong Yunfenglian Chemical Co Ltd is a comprehensive modern high tech enterprise integrating R D production and sales of fluorine containing fine chemicals new chemical materials and APIs The company focuses on the field of high end fine chemicals The core products are positioned in fluorine containing fine chemicals and the focus is on the development of fluorine containing pharmaceutical pesticide intermediates new chemical materials and APIs The company attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and strict requirements on product quality For a long time the company s products have been favored by customers at home and abroad for their stable quality and...

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Acrylic Emulsions

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Cas No 75-35-4Cas No 75-01-4Cas No 79-00-5Cas No 68-19-9Cas No 53-86-1Cas No 869-10-3Cas No 123-06-8Cas No 109-01-3Reduce Body FatCas No 516-12-1Cas No 108-87-2Cas No 108-94-1Cas No 110-82-7Cas No 100-63-0Cas No 505-66-8Cas No 619-86-3Cas No 870-78-0Cas No 627-30-5Cas No 2107-69-9Cas No 2799-21-5Cas No 5576-19-2Cas No 1592-12-7Cas No 1070-64-0Cas No 1785-61-1Cas No 3470-50-6Cas No 6641-64-1Cas No 4746-75-2Cas No 5348-42-5Cas No 2923-16-2Cas No 3717-88-2CAS No 16806-93-2Cas No 80382-23-6Used As A SolventCas No 70024-40-7Cas No 21829-25-4Cas No 17852-52-7Cefotaxime sodiumCas No 70694-72-3Cas No 88150-42-9Cas No 27063-98-5Cas No 42142-52-9Cas No 51933-78-9Cas No 55112-42-0Cas No 63148-62-9Cas No 27918-19-0Cas No 30484-77-6Cas No 13754-86-4Cas No 68767-14-6Cas No 29094-61-9Cas No 73231-34-2Cas No 76784-40-2Cas No 81110-73-8Cas No 35480-52-5Acrylic EmulsionsCas No 81103-11-9Cas No 24279-39-8Cas No 74135-10-7Cas No 83905-01-5Cas No 43200-81-3Cas No 10472-24-9Cas No 586966-54-3Cas No 148411-57-8Cas No 181289-33-8Cas No 898543-06-1Cas No 139481-59-7Cas No 851443-04-4Cas No 171599-83-0Cas No 144689-63-4Cas No 207557-35-5Cas No 239463-85-5Cas No 103129-82-4Cas No 446292-07-5Cas No 147489-06-3Cas No 191732-72-6Cas No 144690-92-6Cas No 446292-08-6Cas No 125995-13-3Cas No 145040-37-5Cas No 114772-38-2Cas No 242478-38-2Cas No 152628-03-0Cas No 169590-42-5Cas No 274901-16-5Cas No 144690-33-5Cas No 183322-17-0Cas No 114772-53-1Cas No 877399-00-3Cas No 1012341-48-8Difluoroacetic acid2 2-DifluoroethanolCas No 1252018-10-2RARECHEM AL BI 041695% Acrylic EmulsionTrifluoroacetic acidHigh Purity 123-06-8Low Price FudosteineUsed As A Refrigerant76784-40-2 Purity 99%Cosmetic Raw MaterialEthyl difluoroacetateMthyl difluoroacetateTelmisartan Impurity 2Ethyl trifluoroacetateHigh Quality GlipizideHigh Quality InhibitorGood Price Cas 59-92-7New Chemical MaterialsLow Price Cas 5308-25-8Indometacin Cas 53-86-1Antioxidant Lipoic AcidHigh Quality NifedipineSodium trifluoroacetateChemicals Raw MaterialsMethyl trifluoroacetateHigh Quality LoxoprofenMucus Repair FudosteineGlipizide Cas 29094-61-9L-carnitine Cas 541-15-1Lansoprazole Impurity 14Sodium Hydride 7646-69-7Difluoroacetic anhydrideHigh Quality FlorfenicolCas 41443-60-1 1070-64-02 2 2-TrifluoroacetamideFor The Treatment Of HivChlorodifluoroacetic AcidEthy 2-fluoroacetoacetateHigh Quality VildagliptinZopiclone Intermediate IiHigh Purity LevamlodipineHigh Quality RacecadotrilAKOS B016254 CAS 352-24-9Low Price Cas 171599-83-0Celecoxib Cas 169590-42-5Erlotinib Intermediate IvTrifluoroacetic anhydrideIntermediate Of LipoamideBiochemical Raw MaterialsHigh-purity A-lipoic AcidFactory Outlet FebuxostatHigh Quality Cas 121-43-7Loxoprofen Cas 68767-14-6Used As Leather DegreaserNifedipine Cas 21829-25-4Cyromazine Cas 66215-27-8Price Discount Of ApixabanEtravirine Cas 269055-15-4AKOS MSC-0700 CAS 352-24-9Cyclohexanone Cas 108-94-1Main Intermediate Of NylonRivaroxaban Intermediate BPotassium trifluoroacetateSacubitril Cas 936623-90-4Florfenicol Cas 73231-34-2Factory Sales Mfcd01074875Ethyl BromodifluoroacetateRivaroxaban Intermediate 2High- Quality 1252018-10-2Uses Ethyl DifluoroacetateDl-a-lipoic Acid 1077-28-7Inorganic Chemical IndustryHomopiperazine Cas 505-66-8Ethyl ChlorodifluoroacetateA-lipoic Acid Cas 1077-28-799% Nimustine HydrochlorideSugar Resistant Lipoic AcidHigh Purity 99% 500011-92-7Thioctic Acid Cas 1077-28-7Digestive System MedicationSilicone Oil Cas 63148-62-9Theophylline Cas No 58-55-9Intermediate Of Lipoic AcidCandesartan Cas 139481-59-7Trityl Olmesartan MedoxomilDirect Deal Cas 147489-06-3Apixaban Cas No 503612-47-3Cyclohexane Cas No 110-82-7Tinidazole Cas No 19387-91-8High Purity Stock 24279-39-8Fudosteine Cas No 13189-98-5Loxoprofen Sodium 80382-23-6Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialsQuality Assurance FudosteineIvermectin Cas No 70288-86-7Chitosan Oligosaccharide CosLenalidomide Cas 191732-72-6Cimetidine Cas No 51481-61-9High Purity 99% AzithromycinLow Valent MethylcyclohexaneQuality Assurance CyromazineFebuxostat Cas No144060-53-7Methyl chlorodifluoroacetateCelecoxib Celecoxib CelecoxibTrifluoromethanesulfonic acidSolvents For Synthetic FibersLevamlodipine Cas 103129-82-4The Best Quality Silicone OilIntermediate Ii For ZopicloneFor The Synthesis Of FlucanilCyclohexanone Cas No 108-94-1Trimethyl Borate Cas 121-43-7Cyclopropanamine Cas 765-30-0Methylcyclohexane Cas 108-87-2Racecadotril Cas No 81110-73-8Chemical Industry Raw MaterialSofosbuvir Cas No 1190307-88-0Used As Pesticide IntermediateCas 1077-28-7 Dl-thioctic AcidHigh Quality Losartan PotassiumOther Antibiotics Cas 1405-20-5High Quality 1-methylpiperazine1-methylpiperazine Cas 109-01-3Cas 147489-06-3 With Purity 99%Phenylhydrazine Cas No 100-63-0Vildagliptin Cas No 274901-16-51-ethylpiperazine Cas 5308-25-8Production Of Pvc Resin 75-01-4Ethyl 4- 1h-pyrrol-1-yl BenzoateImportant Chemical Raw Materials3-chloro-1-propanol Cas 627-30-5High Quality 3-chloro-1-propanolAntiparasitic Drugs Praziquantel1.1.2-trichloroethan Cas 79-00-5FLUXYPYROXAD METABOLITE M700F001High Quality Polymyxin B SulfateOlmesartan Medoxomil 144689-63-4Acrylic Resin Copolymer EmulsionART-CHEM-BB B016254 CAS 352-24-9Styrene-Acrylic Polymer EmulsionAlkylating Agent Antitumor Drugs4-hydroxyphenyl Ethanol 501-94-0Loxoprofen Sodium Cas 80382-23-6Ethyl 4 4-difluoro-3-oxobutyrateP- Sulfonamidophenylhydrazine Hcl2-methoxy Carbonyl CyclopentanonePolymyxin B Sulfate Cas 1405-20-5Candesartan Cilexetil 145040-37-5Active Pharmaceutical IngrediantsHigh Quality 1.1.2-trichloroethanChemical Inhibitor Cas 82248-59-7High Quality 1.1-dichloroethyleneFlavoxate Hydrochloride 3717-88-2Solifenacin Succinate 242478-38-2Mucilage Activator Cas 13189-98-5Treatment Of Bacterial InfectionsHigh Quality Stock Cas 35480-52-5Triphenylbismuth BISMUTH TRIPHENYLFor The Synthesis Of IntermediatesTrifluoromethanesulfonic anhydridePesticide Intermediates 24279-39-8Raw Materials For Synthetic FibersHigh Quality 4-vinylbenzyl AcetateAntioxidation And Anti InflammationUsed For Manufacturing CyclohexanolBISMUTH TRIPHENYL BISMUTH TRIPHENYLHigh Quality Poly Vinylene Fluoride4-hydrazinobenzene-1 Cas 17852-52-7Factory Direct Selling Cas 121-43-7Raw Materials For Plastics Industry6002 2-Fluoro-5-Formyl BenzonitrileTRIFLUOROACETIC ACID POTASSIUM SALT4-vinylbenzyl Acetate Cas 1592-12-7Intermediate Of Flucanil 35480-52-5Dexlansoprazole Related Impurities 2Desiccant Alkylating Agent 7646-69-7Factory Direct Sales Cas 503612-47-3Used For Manufacturing CyclohexanoneFlavoxate Hydrochloride Drugs For PdTop Quality Rivaroxaban IntermediatePharmaceutical Chemicals 898543-06-110014 2-Fluoro-5-Formyl BenzonitrileDODECYLBENZENESULFONIC ACID 121-65-3New Industrial Chemical Raw MaterialsChlorodifluoroacetic acid sodium saltCarboxymethyl Chitosan Cas 83512-85-0Chemical Raw Materials Cas 70694-72-3Sildenafil Citrate Cas No 171599-83-0Derivatives Of Phenylethanol 501-94-0Plant Extracts Carboxymethyl ChitosanPoly Vinylene Fluoride Cas 24937-79-9Chitosan Hydrochloride Cas 70694-72-3Flunarizine Dihydrochloride 30484-77-6Nimustine Hydrochloride Cas 55661-38-6Ethyl Difluoroacetate Used in MedicineOlMesartan Ethyl Ester Trityl IMpurityAntibiotics Tetracycline HydrochlorideT56 Bvnvj C1yq1mrd- At6nvdotj &&r FormPharmaceutical Intermediate 55112-42-0Indometacin Antipyretic And Analgesics2-Fluoro-5-formylbenzonitrile 97% UsageHigh Quality Moxifloxacin HydrochlorideTrityl Olmesartan Medoxomil 144690-92-6Dopamine Precursor Levodopa Cas 59-92-7Donepezil Hydrochloride Cas 110119-84-1Ethyl Difluoroacetate Used in PesticideHigh-purity Intermediate HomopiperazineHigh Purity And High Quality EtravirineA Large Number Of Spot CyclopropanamineIntermediate Of Fipronil Cas 24279-39-8Pharmaceutical Intermediates 446292-08-6Rivaroxaban Intermediate Cas 898543-06-1Telmisartan Intermediate Cas 152628-03-0Tert-buthyl Pitavastatin Cas 586966-54-3Ethoxymethylenemalononitrile Cas 123-06-8High-quality Ethyl 6.8-dichloro CaprylateIntermediates In Pharmaceutical Synthesis4- Hydrazinobenzenesulfonamide 27918-19-0Organic Materials Cyclohexane Cas 110-82-734'-methyl-2-cyanobiphenyl Cas 114772-53-1Low Price And High Quality PhenylhydrazinePreferential Price Donepezil HydrochloridePharmaceutical Intermediates Cas 1070-64-0Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Sodium HydrideChemical Pesticide Technical Cas 66215-27-8Chemical Pesticide Technical Cas 24279-39-899% Purity Active Pharmaceutical IngredientRaw Materials For Plastics Industry 75-01-4Low Price And High Quality CyclopropanamineTerazosin Hydrochloride Dihydrate 70024-40-7Factory Outlet 4-hydrazinobenzenesulfonamideEthyl 4- 1h-pyrrol-1-yl Benzoate 144690-33-5Erlotinib Intermediate Iv Cas No 183322-17-0Important Raw Materials For Plastics IndustryFlunarizine Dihydrochloride Cas No 30484-77-6Cardiovascular Drugs Tert-buthyl Pitavastatin2.5-bis 2.2.2-trifluoroethoxy Phenyl EthanoneAntioxidation Of Pharmaceutical IntermediatesPharmaceutical Intermediates 1-ethylpiperazinePharmaceuticals Active Raw Materials IngredientHigh-purity Intermediate Nis. N-iodosuccinimideChitosan Oligosaccharide Cos Cas No 148411-57-8Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Cas 23076-35-9Biochemical Raw Materials Carboxymethyl ChitosanPharmaceutical Intermediates Solifenacin Succinate

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